Looking Back


My new song ‘Looking Back‘ has just been released on Spotify. It has a more optimistic feeling about it than my last piano release, I hope you enjoy. Take a listen:

Click this link to stream entire song via Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3cIkUTA
Rosie the dog sitting
Lastly, here is a short clip of my dog Rosie when we were out walking the other day.

Been a While


It’s been a while.

After a year or so away from WordPress (and other social media sites) I have spent the majority of my time looking after the now 1 year old Rosie the dog.

Rosie the dog
Rosie the dog playing with her bone.

The other week I finally sat down to write a song after many months of not doing so. I had contracted COVID and was in a very dour mood, a perfect time I thought to create something ominous on the piano (I hope you enjoy): https://spoti.fi/3Pm5P7H