Rosie the dog with dead pigeon


Today I went out on my usual morning walk with Rosie to the ‘Redoubt; a hidden Napoleonic era fort in Dover. I was ready for a relaxing stroll around the entirety of the huge structure to make sure she was tired at lunch time and didn’t spoil my meal. About half way through said walk Rosie came across her first ever dead pigeon, in-fact her first ever capture, even though it was dead when she found the poor thing…

After 20 minutes of tireless chasing I finally managed to get a hold of her:

Rosie the dog holding dead bird
Guilty Pup

She proceeded to carry the dead bird all the way back home (I did not want to touch it). When we got to the driveway she spotted mother, she dropped the bird and looked as innocent as ever. At least she ended up tired, but not as tired as me though.


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5 thoughts on “Guilt”

  1. Dogs are essentially hunter. We have a mini Schnauzer. Last year she got a baby rabbit in our garden. She gave it that terrier head shake and that was the end of the rabbit. At least it did not suffer. Schnauzers were originally bred to kill rats. So they have a strong prey drive. I felt bad for the rabbit. We wrapped it and buried it outside our garden so our dog would not find it.

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      1. Well our little dog does not have anything she get hold of suffer. She has a head toss that break their necks. And they are gone instantly. Not nice to see but she is a dog bred to kill rats so squirrels and doves or rabbits are all fair game to her .

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